Rider Training Programs & Resources

Without training, you are 148 percent[1] more likely to die or be injured in a motorcycle accident. 90 percent of motorcyclists involved in accidents are self-taught, or have been shown how to ride by a friend or family member (The Hurt Report).

Our most important advice for all motorcyclists is to take a Rider Training Course and to update your riding and awareness skills each riding season. Take the Snyder's Riders Safety Pledge and pledge to get training and ride like your life depends on it!

Below are some of the programs available to you in Pennsylvania and resources for additional motorcycle safety information.

Stayin' Safe

Stayin' Safe Motorcycle Training

Stayin' Safe pioneered on-street rider coaching in the U.S. and was developed to introduce advanced "road reading" techniques in real-world environments. Refined over more than two decades, the Stayin' Safe method combines highly enjoyable motorcycle tours and proven street strategies with real-time coaching techniques for an incomparable experience. Since 1993, Stayin' Safe has worked with hundreds of riders, many of whom have described the Stayin' Safe experience as nothing short of revolutionary to their riding.

ProRider Pittsburgh

ProRider Pittsburgh

ProRider® advanced motorcycle skill courses include the same training exercises used by police motorcycle officers and motorcycle rodeo competitors. We will teach you to apply tried and true riding techniques that are guaranteed to improve your riding ability and riding confidence. Classes cover slow speed maneuvers, confined space turns, crash avoidance, and various braking challenges. ProRider® courses are conducted by police motorcycle officers and civilians who have successfully completed the 80-hour challenging police motorcycle school. This is a good option if you are an experienced rider who desires to take your riding to the next level, increase your abilities, and have fun in the process.


Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program (PAMSP)

The Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program offers free training to all Pennsylvania residents and active duty military with a class M permit or motorcycle license. The Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program focuses on offering training to teach motorcyclists of all levels, from beginning riders to intermediate, three-wheeled and advanced riders. The Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program offers classes year round at multiple training sites throughout Pennsylvania. Students who successfully complete Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program courses may be entitled to insurance premium discounts through participating insurance companies.

PAMSP logo used with permission from Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and PennDOT, the owner and holder of the PAMSP logo. Use of this logo does not indiciate an affiliation or partnership between PennDOT and Snyder's Riders/Edgar Snyder & Associates.