Path to Safe & Enjoyable Riding

New to motorcycling? Ensure your path is a safe and enjoyable one. Use the following tips as a guide to the best ways to begin your ride!

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Proper Riding Gear

Safe riding begins before you even get on your bike. It all starts with what you wear, and that doesn't just mean a helmet. For those new to riding, or to refresh our more experienced riders, we've highlighted the pieces of gear you shouldn't ride without.

  • Always wear a helmet. Pennsylvania's helmet law is based on your age and riding experience, but Snyder's Riders recommends you wear one regardless. It's the most important piece of gear, protecting your head from injury, windblast, cold, and flying objects. We recommend using a full face helmet.
  • Protect your hands. Wearing gloves can prevent injury and cold to your hands while riding - which, in return, helps you keep proper control of your bike.
  • Wear appropriate clothing. You should always wear long pants and long sleeves or a jacket, even when it's warm. Make sure your clothing is made of thick material like demin, nylon, or leather to prevent burns and abrasions.
  • Invest in quality riding shoes. Boots are highly recommended to protect foot and ankle injuries. We recommend boots with rubber soles and good tread so that your feet do not slip.

On-the-Road Safety Checklist

Once you're geared up and ready to ride, it's important to stay aware and safe on the road. Between bad weather and other motorists, we face constant dangers, so keep this short checklist in mind.

  • Test your lights. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the dark. Check all lights, including taillights and turn signals, before you ride.
  • Check your tires. Make sure both tires are inflated to your manufacturer's recommended tire standard.
  • Check your fluids. Check all fluids before leaving for a ride so you're not caught off guard.
  • Always ride sober. Drinking and riding - it's just not worth it. Don't put your life and others' lives in danger. Stay safe and ride sober.
  • Ride defensively. Always be on alert for road hazards, careless motorists, and what might be in your blind spots. Being aware can help you react more quickly to any dangers.

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