Snyder's Riders Members: Get Your FREE Motorcycle Insurance Review

All Snyder's Riders members are eligible to receive a free one-on-one motorcycle insurance review with an experienced attorney at Edgar Snyder & Associates.

We get it – insurance is boring. It's the last thing you think about when you're out riding. But too often we see injured motorcyclists facing piles of medical bills, and losing out on compensation for missed paychecks as well as pain and suffering – all because their insurance policy wasn't up to scratch. Don't wait until after an accident to change your insurance policy – by then, it'll be too late.

That's why we suggest you schedule your insurance review as soon as possible. Email us now at, or call us at 1-866-710-1642.

Members who have had insurance reviews walk away saying how happy they were they took us up on the offer. Still not convinced? Check out this video where our Snyder's Riders Safety Guru, Hal Deily, explains the review process with Attorney Michael Rosenzweig.

Here's what you can expect during your motorcycle insurance review:

  • We'll match you with one of the firm's experienced injury attorneys who work with insurance companies and help injured motorcyclists every day.
  • You and the attorney will walk through your "declaration sheet" – the document(s) that detail your motorcycle insurance policy. They'll explain what each section means, how that section applies if you're hurt or otherwise in an accident.
  • While you're at it, your attorney can look at your auto insurance policy, too – for example, did you know there's a huge benefit to having both your household cars and your motorcycle on the same policy?
  • You'll walk away from the meeting more knowledgeable and confident about the protection on your insurance policy.

To schedule your free motorcycle insurance review, email us at, or call us at 1-866-710-1642. Not yet a member of Snyder's Riders? Sign up for free today.