History of Snyder's Riders

Snyder's Riders

For over 30 years, Edgar Snyder & Associates has represented victims of motorcycle crashes. The law firm pioneered some of the first public service announcements (PSAs) on TV that specifically address motorcycle safety.

In 2015, the firm partnered with Hal Deily, a veteran Motorcycle Safety Foundation Instructor, a Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program Rider Coach, and a Lead Instructor with the nationally recognized Stayin'Safe / Advanced Rider Training Program.

Considered an expert in the field of motorcycle accident prevention, he has over 21 years of experience as an instructor, seminar speaker, media rep, and safety event organizer. In addition, Hal is a founding member and former President of the Greater Pittsburgh Motorcycle Safety Council, and he served as the Safety Officer for Pittsburgh HOG / Harley Owners Group, Chapter #2224.

Together, Hal and the firm produced a new series of PSAs that stress the importance of attending a Rider Training Course, preventing drinking and riding, riding with proper gear, and being a safe passenger. Their continued collaboration resulted in the formation of Snyder's Riders, with the goal of spreading motorcycle safety messages by rewarding and recognizing those riders who demonstrate a commitment to advance their riding skills and street awareness.

Join Snyder's Riders and become part of our Edgar Snyder & Associates family as "We Ride Alongside!"

Does Edgar Ride?

Attorney Edgar Snyder has always been a motorcycle enthusiast, and while he doesn't currently ride on a regular basis, he still feels the "call of the road." Snyder's Riders demonstrates his continuing passion for the sport and supports efforts to educate motorcyclists on safe riding habits. He also takes pride in his firm and attorneys serving as advocates for those injured in crashes and providing peace of mind for their family, friends, and loved ones.