Snyder's Riders Contest Program

Welcome to the Snyder's Riders Contest Program. Snyder's Riders rewards those riders who actively demonstrate their commitment to motorcycle safety by helping spread the word via social media and event participation. Giveaways, contests, and events provide multiple opportunities to earn prizes.

Don't worry if you're not social media savvy – you can always enter our contests by emailing us, and attending certain events.

How Do I Win Prizes?

Prizes can be won through a number of different methods including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as participation in Snyder's Riders Bike Nights, events, and dealership/retail visits.


There will be opportunities to enter to win in giveaways and contests. Most of these will be announced randomly via the Snyder's Riders Newsletter and social media. You can also view the homepage for updates.

Automatic Benefits

When you enroll in the Snyder's Riders, you're automatically eligible for some great benefits and :

  • You're automatically entered in our season-long giveaway.
  • You'll receive a membership kit, shipped directly to you.
  • You're eligible to take advantage of the Snyder's Riders community - connections to safety training and other bikers, and the comfort of knowing you have a support team if you're ever hurt in an accident.

General Rider Prizes Rules

In order for us to be able to count your participation in Prize opportunities, we ask that you please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • For your posts and entries to be seen by the Snyder's Riders staff, your profile or post must be made public.
  • In order for Snyder's Riders staff to be able to find your post, please remember to tag us (@SnydersRiders) and use the hashtag #SnydersRiders.
  • Any posts containing offensive material will not be considered for prizes.
  • Don't use social media? No problem! You can also enter contests by emailing with your post/entry.